During the Covid-19 pandemic, if you are traveling a long way by car in an emergency, then keep these things in mind

In the Corona era, if for some reason you are going on a long journey with your car. So it is important to take special care of some things. Otherwise, you can get into big trouble. Let us tell you what things to keep in the journey during the lockdown.

Right now the corona epidemic has started taking people all over the country. In such a situation, in view of the ever increasing corona cases, different states have decided to impose lockdown due to increasing number of corona patients. However, movement for essential services such as medical, food items, etc. will continue during this period. At the same time, now 21 people have been allowed in the wedding ceremony. During this time, if you have to go on a long trip for some reason, then most people consider it appropriate to use their personal vehicle. If you are planning to go out somewhere in the Corona era, then we are telling you some things that you should take special care before getting out of your car.

Keep petrol full: In this era of epidemic, where the safest journey is of your personal vehicle, then it is also mandatory to take some precautions with it. For example, whenever you go on a long journey during the Corona period, get the petrol / diesel filled in the car. You may not find petrol pumps open everywhere because of lockdown. Apart from this, you should also check the air of the tires of the car at the petrol pump itself, because during lockdown you will not find any air on the way or on the highway. Also, if it is the summer season, if the coolant in the car is too low before going on a long journey, get it done.

Emergency items: Neither shops will be open in Corona’s time nor people will see you on the streets. So it becomes important that you keep some essential items in the boot space of your car. For example, it is very important to have a tow-chain, jumper cable, mini tool kit as the car will open during the journey and if the car part has to be opened, and then the tool kit will open. It is mandatory to have all these essential items in your car. Because obviously it is time for lockdown and the car is a machine, then any problem of any kind can come up in it.

Keep food and drinks together: Covid 19 The biggest reason for the outbreak of epidemic is to come in contact with each other and if you are going on a long journey then you should not get out of your car and buy some food items because The speed with which this disease is spreading, In such a situation, it is not known who is infected and who is safe, due to which, during the long journey, you should take food and essential medicines along with you from your home, so that you will not face any problem during the journey. Do not have to. Try to travel day by day, do not let it be the night before reaching your destination.

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