Global Artificial (Synthetic) Graphite Market Is Expected To Reach US$ 16.61 Billion by 2025

According to a new market research report published by sheer analytics and insights, “The Global Artificial (Synthetic) Graphite market in terms of revenue is expected to reach US$ 16.61 Billion by the year 2025 at a CAGR of 4.9% from 2018 to 2025”, as per new market research report titled Global Artificial Graphite Market (by types- carbon fiber, graphite electrode, graphite powder, isotropic graphite, and others. By application- batteries, lubricants, metal manufacturing, solar panels, nuclear energy, and others.  By end-user-aerospace & defense, automotive, electronic, metal, nuclear, and others) – global industry analysis, size, share, growth, trends, and forecast, 2017 – 2025

Nowadays artificial graphite is used in the solar energy storage and electric furnace steelmaking due to its foreseeable nature. The artificial graphite is more expensive than the natural graphite. The artificial graphite mainly consists of pure quality carbon content.

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 Currently, there has been a growing demand for the technologically advanced graphite applications in nuclear reactors, electronics, and others. This is the reason why the artificial graphite market is seeing a significant growth. The artificial graphite market, or, synthetic graphite market, is projected to have a steady but slower growth during the forecast period. Additionally, attributable to the artificial graphite’s higher capacity and performance makes it less demanding to be relevant in specific businesses. In this manner, it is evaluated that the Global Artificial Graphite market will move forward in the following eight years.

 The recent market research reports that were published by Sheer Analytics & Insights, the global artificial graphite market has been segmented on the basis of its application, types, and end-user industry. The major end-user industry of the global artificial graphite market includes automotive, aerospace & defense, electronic, nuclear, metal, and others. On the basis of its application, the market is bifurcatedintobatteries, nuclear energy, metal manufacturing, lubricants, solar panels, and others. On the basis of its type, the artificial graphite market has been analyzed into graphite electrode, carbon fiber, isotropic graphite, graphite powder, and others.

 Furthermore, the market is additionally fragmented into its regional demand including global regions like North America, the Middle East, and Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. The main market position for the global artificial graphite market is anticipated to be dominated by the Asia-Pacific area. Rise in the need for graphite in the gadget division, alongside the developing interest for graphite anodes for metal assembling are assessed to be the primary supporter for the development of artificial graphite in the Asia-Pacific region. Europe is another contributor to the market development of artificial graphite inferable from the developing interest from car enterprises for carbon filaments instead of steel. Another region which is relied upon to demonstrate a promising development in the global artificial graphite market is the North-American area, inferable from the gigantic use of graphite in the aerospace and defense sector. Besides, the expanded utilization of lithium-particle batteries in the hardware area is assessed to steadily impel the market of global artificial graphite in the North American region.

 Toho Tenax Co. Limited, recently announced the launch of a highly-shock, high-tensile, resistant hybrid prepreg along with a combination of CNT (carbon nanotubes) and carbon fiber Technology. A prepreg alludes to a pre-impregnated carbon fiber sheet with grid pitch. It is additionally utilized as an intermediary material for CFRP i.e. carbon fiber fortified plastics. This new cross breed prepreg has been embraced in the golf club shafts of Mizuno Corporation, as it gives unrivaled CFRP shock resistance and rigidity. In addition, the balanced scattering of the carbon nanotubes guarantees that the carbon fiber and matrix resin does not peel far from one another which thus makes the CFRP additional sturdy.

 Eagle Graphite’s Deith noted that governments around the world are considering banning cars with traditional combustion engines, and said that “Yearly demand for graphite for batteries will go up from around 30,000 tonnes to as much as 60,000 tonnes over the next year. These are 30,000 tonnes of new production that need to come online just to prevent the market from going into further shortage.”
Deith also commented, “Eventually batteries will come to dominate graphite demand, and global production capacity will have to grow to over 10 times its current size before the draw from battery production even begins to slow down.”

List of Companies Covered:

  • Asbury Graphite Mills, Inc.,
  • Mersen Group,
  • Triton Minerals Limited,
  • Graphite India Limited,
  • Nippon Graphite Industries
  • among others

Global Artificial Graphite Market and its segmentation

By Types

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Graphite Electrode
  • Graphite Powder
  • Isotropic Graphite
  • Others

By Application Types

  • Batteries
  • Lubricants
  • Metal Manufacturing
  • Solar Panels
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Others

By End-Users Types

  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Automotive
  • Electronic
  • Metal
  • Nuclear
  • Others

By Geography Type

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa

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